How to spot a dodgy immigration adviser

I’ve discussed the business of immigration advisers in the past and have stated my reasons to be wary of their services.

Nowadays I see a lot of them peddling on social media and even the licensed ones are spewing myths, half truths and outright lies just to get people to sign up.

Here are some sure-fire ways to identify which ones you should stay away from:

  1. Recommends study as pathway to residency. This is a no-brainer. Even the NZ Government itself have stated this is not the case and our very own Philippine Ambassador have warned against doing this to avoid huge financial loss. 
  2. Describes New Zealand as “an easy place to find a job” without knowing your skills.
  3. Uses buzzwords like “free healthcare” or “bring your family” when this is not automatically the case for everyone.
  4. Claims you don’t need IELTS. If residency is your end goal there is no way of dodging an English test now unless you grew up and educated in the United States or other countries where English is the first language.
  5. Claims even WITHOUT experience you can get a job in New Zealand. The current job market is flooded with unemployed people with heaps of qualifications and experience. What more a person with no experience and coming from overseas?
  6. They claim you can earn while studying. Sure you can earn but with a 20 hour-a-week legal limit to work while on a student visa, it is nearly impossible to recoup the living and immigration-related costs. Here it is called beer money.





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