Full speech of Ms. June Ranson talking to international students

Fifteen point summary of her talk:

  1. Don’t study business or management.
  2. If you are keen on studying, review your course if it meets New Zealand’s skill shortages.
  3. Don’t waste your time and just take any odd job, find an employer that will utilise your best skills that will lead to residency.
  4. Consider joining Toastmasters to improve your communication skills.
  5. Move out of the Filipino community. Mingle with other cultures.
  6. Identify actual companies that actually interest you. Do your background research on that employer.
  7. Don’t be passive in interviews, ask questions which gives good signals to employers.
  8. Learn how to write a kiwi-style CV and modify your CV to the job you’re applying for so it covers the issues that the employer is looking for.
  9. Remember that not all jobs are advertised – networking is a good way of finding this hidden job market.
  10. If you use Trade Me or Seek, expect hundreds of applications, make your CV stand out and worth looking at.
  11. Talk to your Kiwi tutors or friends and ask them for recommendations on who to talk to with regard to employment opportunities.
  12. Leverage the idea that a New Zealand employer can “try you out” whereas hiring a Kiwi would be difficult to fire if they don’t become a good fit.
  13. Steer clear of employers who don’t pay the minimum wage or practice dodgy stuff like “pay for a job”.
  14. New Zealand employers are keen on helping you at immigration paperwork if they can see the value you are adding.
  15. When you receive a job offer, look carefully at the job description if it matches the ANZSCO.



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