Should I apply for jobs while still in the Philippines?

With a New Zealand job offer almost mandatory due to the recent immigration changes, oftentimes the first tendency for an aspiring migrant is to mass send applications online and this is not harmless as you may think. Most jobs on seek/trade me clearly indicates you need a valid visa to apply. Now, if you do send an application without it, what impression would I get as an employer with your attention to detail and ability to follow instruction? What would you feel if this same person sends a CV over and over again for every job available?

Note that applying for jobs without a valid visa might backfire to you as most NZ companies now use application management software searching for keywords and sorting people with or without visas. IP tracking alone will identify that you are not in the country. You can also be blocked from the system.

NZ employers are busy people. Why would they waste their time on an applicant not physically in the country and without a valid visa to work?

I was once on the other side of the hiring fence and can share you some of my observations. As job applications moved to the internet, I once witnessed 500+ applications for a single vacancy from all over the world – I see a lot coming from India, China and Europe all hoping for a job offer like you. With Brexit and the Trump win, I would expect that to push up even further. That number includes the jobless of NZ who spam CVs around kahit hindi talaga sila interesado sa trabaho. They do this because they need to submit rejection letters to get the unemployment benefit from the government.

This is where  software comes in as applications can no longer be manually sorted one by one. Do you notice the questions on the online form? Obviously, those people already in the country will be on top of the pecking order.

If you are still in the Philippines and would want to take your chances, looking at accredited NZ employers might be the key. These are companies who applied and expressed their intention to Immigration NZ that they are seeking to employ people from overseas. Once accredited, they don’t need to go through the long tedious process of proving “there is no kiwi to do the job.” You can go to their corporate websites and usually vacancies are posted in their careers section.

One big caveat though is these types of employers are usually looking for special skills that cannot be found with the local population  – the $55k/year above salary requirement alone tells you that (current median salary or half of nz is around $46k) which bring me to the most basic questions you need to ask yourself:

1) What skills do I bring to NZ? What problems can I solve?

2) Would someone be willing to pay me big money for those skills?

3) Why should they pick me instead of hundreds of people with similar skills?

Regardless of your visa status, answers to those questions will let you arrive at a realisation.

I’m not saying it’s impossible to get a job offer outside of New Zealand as I see some people are able to do it. But during this time, it would be best to give your full time and effort researching about the country/company/industry, upskilling to be internationally competitive, sorting out a valid visa than writing and sending CVs/cover letters all day which as mentioned, carry some risks.

Be patient. Your time will come.


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